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James McNamara   Ireland 
17. Apr 1939

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James "Jim" McNamara
James "Jim" McNamara

Wishing A Very Happy 70th to Jim McNamara

Jim is the glue that keeps the ladies side in Donore so strong. There is an incredible sense of camaraderie and friendship amongst the girls that is quite unlike anything I have experienced in any other club or organisation. I know I am not alone when I say this, as down through the years so many girls have told me that they feel the same way when they enter the doors of the club. It is also a testament to Jim that when girls leave the club and move on in life to do other things they keep in contact with him. There are always postcards sent to the club for Jim from girls in far flung places like Chicago and Australia. He also regularly meets up with his girls who are still based in Dublin but not running anymore. I have also noticed that some girls who were with Jim a couple of years ago but moved away from Dublin, have rejoined him at the club since moving back to Dublin this year.  When you meet Jim he becomes a lifelong friend.

Something that not everyone might be aware of is that Jim is at heart a very shy person. He says that running has helped him compensate and overcome his shyness. He has a great sense of humour and infectious laugh! I think every girl in Donore can say that it is their privilege to know Jim and that their life has been made better for having Jim in it.

On behalf of all Donore members I would like to wish Jim a very Happy 70th Birthday.