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Max Springer   United States
21. Oct 1913

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Max Springer
Max Springer

New Attitudes Toward Aging


home translate to boredom, loneliness, and malnutrition. Why bother fixing more than a sandwich for just one person?

Worse yet, 2 million of the 9 million Americans over age 65 who live alone say they have no one to turn to if they need help, according to the national Administration on Aging.

Oliveira sees the new way of growing older as healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. Those who never lived through the Depression don't have the same fixation about home. They opt for assisted-living and retirement centers, where they can eat communally and leave the upkeep chores to someone else.

he says with consistent nutrition and activities they enjoy a better quality of life, as opposed to isolation in their own little castles.

Those 55 and older are healthier in every sense than previous generations, he believes. Spiritually, Oliveira sees the new generation of elders as more self-assured. They have a stronger sense of identity, a more positive view about themselves and a more acceptable role as older people than those who came before them. They are valued for their leading, teaching, and technical abilities.

As he notes, Oak Ridge has a generation of older scientists who remain on the cutting edge of research. "When one job ends they start a new one. There's a tremendous respect for that. There's no limit to their abilities."

Oliveira will hold his class at Church Street United Methodist Church in downtown Knoxville. Participants may bring their own lunch or reserve a box lunch for $5.

To pre-register for "New Attitudes Toward Aging," call 673-FORT