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Derek Turnbull
   New Zealand 
05 Dec 1926 - 02 Nov 2006

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Derek Turnbull
Derek Turnbull

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Tucked away at the bottom of the world in the tiny farming community of Tussock Creek lives the greatest veteran runner of all time. Since 1975 the New Zealand farmer has claimed twenty-five World Age Group records to become the "Fastest Old Man in the World. So says the 'Think In Ink' video which records his amazing feats:

Derek Turnbull was born at Waikaka in 1926. He is a third generation New Zealander. His grandparents farmed at Waikaka where his father worked and then Harry and Alice Turnbull brought their family to live on the North Road on a farmlet while Harry worked as a stock buyer for the Livestock Company.

Derek attended Waikiwi Primary and Southland Boys High School, then attained a Diploma of Agriculture with honours at Massey University.
He then left for his OE.. first to Australia on a motorbike, then
He worked on an experimental farm in England and toured Europe and the USA by push bike, cycling from one side of the States to the other before coming back home to work at J. G Wards as a stock clerk before taking up farming himself.

He first farmed at North Road on his parents former 90 acres while working in Ingill, sold,  then bought the Taramoa Farm, Stewart Island Farm, Greenhills farm, Underwood Farm (all together over the years) and then.Tussock Creek farm, where he retired.

He is better known for his successess in Veteran Athletics. He was called 'The Fastest Old Man In The World' as he held World Records in his age group, for 800m, 1500m, 5000m, 10.000 m, Cross Country and the Marathon.  more >>