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Earl Fee
22 Mar 1929

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Earl Fee Middle Distance Runner
Earl Fee Middle Distance Runner

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Earl Fee retired in 1994 after 35 years as a nuclear engineer supervisor
  and consultant designing CANDU nuclear power stations for the
  production of electricity. His diverse engineering expertise was mainly
  in fluid mechanics and heat transfer analysis.

  nuclear reports no doubt contributed largely to his clear, concise and
  complete writing style. In addition he is well known from writing feature   articles on running training in the US National Masters News.

400 metres and middle distance
  running events after a 33 year absence from running since university.
  In the past 18 years he has broken over 40 world records (most are
  existing) in the following events: 300 and 400 metre hurdles, 400
, 800 metres, 1500 metres and mile. Many of his 800 metre
  times are age graded at 100% or over where 100% is equivalent to the   open world record.

Masters Track & Field
  Athlete of the year, five times Mississauga (population over 0.5M)
  Master Athlete of the Year, five times Canadian Masters
  Championship Athlete of the meet, and Canadian cross country
  champion in his age group over 12 times. Basically these
  accomplishments involved the same dogged determination and
  dedication that enabled him to win six scholarships and two
  fellowships at University including an Athlone Fellowship for two years
  graduate study in England.

  is also a Toastmaster (over 50 speeches given), poet (about 100
  poems written), house designer, and artist. But his greatest love is
  running. This shows in his knowledgeable, in-depth and concise

  track and field championships up to 2003, and the observation of
  effects of intensive training on his own body for the past 18 years.

  has contributed to a maximum heart rate of about 190 b.p.m., a
  resting heart rate of 43 b.p.m., body weight 70kg, and a body fat of
  about 5 percent.

How To Be a Champion from 9 to 90", took about 2700 hours over six years.