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Tony Dees  United States
06  Aug 1963
   193 cm 95 kg

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Tony Dees (born in Pascagoula, Mississippi) is a former American hurdler.

Dees won the silver medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona behind Mark McKoy. He then finished third at the 1993 World Indoor Championships, eighth at the 1993 World Championships, third again at the 1997 World Indoor Championships and fourth at the 1999 World Championships

In 2001 Dees tested positive for norandrosterone at the Pontiac Grand Prix USA Indoor T&F Championships and norandrosterone/noretiochdandone at the Norwich Union Indoor Grand Prix. He received a life ban from the IAAF.

He attended the University of Mississippi, but left the school prior to receiving a degree.

Another one of his accomplishments is coaching the University School in Cross Country and led them to their first ever Boys and Girls trip to Regionals in the School's history.

Dees was inducted into the Ole Miss track hall of fame by coach Joe Walker in 2004